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Tooth Colored Fillings & Bondings

Durable composite restorations like white fillings and cosmetic bonding blend beautifully with your natural smile. Cosmetic bonding is a straightforward, same-day procedure that’s used to cover minor, aesthetic flaws in teeth.

Tooth Colored Fillings & Bondings

Benefits of Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is a straightforward, same-day procedure that’s used to cover minor, aesthetic flaws in teeth such as small gaps, chipped enamel, pitted tooth surfaces, or other areas that detract from your smile’s overall appearance. The material is shaped and smoothed over that surface, creating the desired appearance in that area.

Bonding can usually be completed without any numbing medication, as the process is non-invasive. The entire treatment offers same-day results.

Dr. Bayme may recommend bonding over several areas if you do not need dental veneers or if only one or two teeth are posing a concern. Since they are more conservative to your tooth structure, areas of bonding work best in isolated spaces on specific teeth (rather than covering your smile entirely.)

Minimally Invasive White Fillings

Composite materials are unique in that they bond closely with your natural tooth structure. This allows Dr. Bayme to place smaller, more conservative fillings that preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible. Their smaller design is healthier than conventional metal fillings and can be placed almost anywhere throughout the mouth.

Dr. Bayme only performs tooth-colored fillings at our Charleston practice and does not use any conventional metal materials. If you are planning to replace an older silver filling, a white version or something like an inlay or onlay may be recommended.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a Dental Filling?

Not all cavities are noticeable. Even large areas of tooth decay may not hurt. Diagnostic X-rays are an essential element of screening for tooth decay.

What is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding uses tooth-colored materials to quickly mask aesthetic flaws in teeth, like small chips, gaps, or other cosmetic irregularities.

Do You Offer Sedation During Dental Treatments?

Yes. We offer in-house nitrous oxide (laughing gas) as well as other comfort amenities like noise-canceling Bose headphones, warm blankets, and a spa-like environment.